Common Home Water Problems In Monterey, Salinas, & Santa Cruz

Solve Hard Water in MontereyAs the leading water expert in the area, Culligan has a home water system for any problem your home’s water may experience. We will work with you to find a solution that is customized to your needs and budget. Don’t let problems such as hard water or high iron content damage your home’s water quality or force you to fork over more money for your water bill, cleaning expenses and maintenance costs. 

With a Culligan® Home Water System you will be able to enjoy the pure, refreshing water that you desire, whether you are making coffee or taking a shower. Culligan has a wide array of products designed specifically to combat individual problems such as poor taste or stains on your drains. Your local Culligan Man® can find the system that’s right for you to solve the following problems and more:

Rent a water softener or drinking water system for only $9.95 a month!


Schedule Your Free Water Analysis

Your local Culligan Man will come to your home and provide a complete analysis of your water, fixtures, plumbing and water-using appliances. They will answer any questions you have about your water and provide a detailed report and equipment estimate.

The whole process takes about 30 minutes and will be scheduled at a time that's convenient for you. Remember that this is a free public service - there is no cost or obligation associated with a Culligan® Free Water Analysis. 

Fill out the contact form above to have your local Culligan Man contact you or give us a call at (831) 264-0352. Ask about a Culligan® Total Home™ Water System to address all of your water’s problems.