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Water Filtering Solutions for Monterey & Salinas’s Water Quality

Covering all of Monterey & Salinas and parts of CA, your water comes from a huge variety of sources. This means that this areas water can originate from a variety of sources including watersheds, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, or municipal water authorities.

Because a lot of these sources are surface water sources, the quality of the water (and the methods used to treat it) can vary seasonally. This is due to environmental factors and the individual municipality responsible for treating the local water.

Different water filtering and treatment methods are often used regionally to address specific New England needs, which can leave water tasting a little “off.” This can also bring potentially damaging contaminants with it into your home.

Whatever your water problems or questions, Monterey & Salinas Culligan Water has a solution.  Learn more about our filtering solutions for Central Coast tap water and find the resources you need to improve your drinking water.

Are you moving to or living in the Monterey & Salinas Area?

If so, you may be required by your municipality to test for arsenic, bacteria, lead and nitrates. Call your local Monterey & Salinas Culligan. We provide a FREE water analysis with an option for a lab test.

The Monterey & Salinas can bring with it a number of water problems, from hard water in municipalities to problem well water in the rural areas and near the beaches. Monterey & Salinas Culligan Water is proud to serve Monterey & Salinas.

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